Here are GoCurry’s top picks for spending nice time with your special ones over curry in Tokyo!

1. Kenbokke (Nishi-Azabu)

For the elegant date with authentic North Indian cuisine

Tandoori Platter at Kenbokke

GoCurry Link:

2. Vaji Spice (Yoyogi)

For the chill date with cool vibes and hot Kerala cuisine

The idea

I am a big fan of communities — it gives you a sense of belonging, a platform where you can share your ideas/opinions with like-minded people. Being a lover of Indian food and away from home landed me in the Indian-food lovers or as they say in Japan, “Curry” lovers…

With every new Bollywood movie, a remake or two of an old 80s/90s song is common trend these years.

Wether you like it or not, the creativity of makers is always questioned. But is this remake trend due to the lack of creativity? Let’s try to answer in this article.

Jatin Kumar

People and Data | Curry and Coffee | DJ and Bollywood

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