GoCurry Picks— 10 Curry Restaurants for a Perfect Date in Tokyo

Here are GoCurry’s top picks for spending nice time with your special ones over curry in Tokyo!

1. Kenbokke (Nishi-Azabu)

For the elegant date with authentic North Indian cuisine

Tandoori Platter at Kenbokke

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=gg22300

2. Vaji Spice (Yoyogi)

For the chill date with cool vibes and hot Kerala cuisine

Terrace seating at Vaji Spice

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=e_mPyZ2

3. MOCS Chai Stand (Musashi Koyama)

For the casual afternoon date with amazing chai and curry rice

At MOCS Chai Stand, Musashi Koyama

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=e_mPyZ2

4. Ghungroo (Aoyama Itchome)

For the romantic evening date with candle lights, wine and off course great food

Indian wine collection at Ghungroo, Aoyama Itchome

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=e399600

5. The Indian Tea House (Ebisu)

For the double date with masala chai, Indian sweets, snacks and lots of talking

Afternoon Tea (Image source: https://mumbaijapan.com/ebisu/)

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=DbnQGAO

6. Nirvana New York (Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi)

For theshopping date during cherry blossoms or illuminations

Cherry Blossoms at Nirvana New York Terrace

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=g385009

7. The Spice Lab, Ginza

For the lavish date with a fusion of Indian and Japanese cuisine

Source: https://spicelabtokyo.com/gallery/

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=ffJLl0o

8. Sajilo Clove

For the unplanned date

Sajilo Clove Interiors

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=hmCYQY2

9. ADI (Meguro)

For the super special date at this concept restaurant

Image Source: Adi’s Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/adi_tokyo/)

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=tB7Qc_w

10. Tokyo MithaiWala

For the anytime date over Indian street food and sweets

Tokyo MithaiWala’s street food vibes

GoCurry Link: https://gocurry.jp/detail?rid=eYOzEWa

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